Day of Resin-ing

So I’m working on my larger sculpture as it’s been a little prone to tipping over as one side is a little off balanced with weight. So I testing pouring resin in a small pan I that was slightly larger than the current base with mold release. It very easily released from the pan so today so now for the real thing. I taped ceramic tile for weight to the bottom of the stand and did a black resin pour (adding a bit of black acrylic paint) Here are some images of that piece right after I did the pour. Tomorrow it should be a little better balanced with the extra weight (fingers crossed) and I even touched up the legs with a little spray paint. The only thing the sculpture needs is a little bit of touch up on the resin as it’s little uneven in some places. Also I am almost done with the felted insert just bulking it up a little now.

Another project I started this weekend, thanks to my lovely friends Melissa and Chriselle. I did profile outline of their face shadow from the side view so I could work on some paintings similar to my self portrait. Here they are below. I’m still working on the purple one as I need to dig a little deeper for more black beads so that the density of the color looks more vivid for the hair. The one I did of Melissa I had her keep her glasses on just to make it a little different.

I also finished a mixed media piece that I had this cute little monkey on that I wanted to add some sort of vocal image to show the money was projecting onto the rest of the painting energy I had been thinking on this for some time and decided the best route was to curl wire kind of like how comics draw sound waves. Here is the updated piece it finally feels complete.

I just finished pouring a resin coat over 3 of the mixed media paintings I completed but am holding off on the purple portrait as I need to finish it and was low on space.

Lastly I finally mounted my Alabaster sculpture on the wood round. Next weekend my goal is to take the sculpture at minimum of 600 grit sandpaper so it’s presentable if not finished by the Fort Mason show. I still need to drill into the river rock but was getting burnt out on it not working so I need to buy a quality diamond drill bit and see if that works a little better. I purchased some polish as well but I need to test it on the underside to see if it does any color change to the stone.

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