Two days ago I start working on the inside shape for the sculpture by felting first with just plain wool. As the shape grew I added some color but realized I didn’t like the way the blended wool looked texture wise. Here I’ve removed most of that added color and I will increase the height of the felt to have more of a rolling hill shape and then will use blending brushes (just ordered today) and get a large amount to blended wool for felting before starting this again. Hand blending the wool was giving it too much of a bulky look (see purple felt) so I’l hoping to get a well blended texture once the supplies come next week.

I also began applying drywall joint compound to my 2nd paper m√Ęche piece to start getting the piece more filled out in certain places. I”m debating if I should do another layer of Activa wrap after I get the piece filled in, in certain spots then coat with a final layer of drywall joint compound. I may look and see if there’s a more durable option for top coat like a spackle mix instead, still deciding. But here is how that piece is looking so far. It will be I think in a more subtle matte finish but possibly I will create the piece to be of a soft purple as I’m feeling it would be a nice color for the shape.