Finally starting to feel at ease

Okay so over the last weekend I did some more silhouette mixed media pieces so I have samples for the shows. I also was able to finally find a drill bit that was diamond tips that made the hole in my river rock deeper and almost there. My drill keeps dying (shitty Ikea one) But I can resin that piece in once it’s deep enough which should be today. I also realized that pieces is very close to being finishes. Once I sand it to the right grit I’ll test out the polishing wax I got for my sculptures as they should seal and protect it a little (hopefully).

The other sculpture which I created a new base over the old one with resin I have also tapes with the stand out as high as it would go and I need to spray paint that tiny section and resin a few spots on the piece. I was going to do another pour but I’m starting to realize I need to maybe just touch up spots that have drippage etc. I’m really debating about making little sections with slay or HVAC tape to have each area really smooth but I worry that certain sections may accidentally turn out with lines or clay trapped etc, so really hesitant but I don’t like the way it looks I prefer a flat resin surface. I may have to test my idea on another curvy object and see what actually works. Otherwise I’m going to not be happy with the surface.

Here I’ve gone ahead any poured some resin into curvy surfaces one with clay and one with tape will see how they look once they dry. I actually spilled some of the resin on my surface while mixing the two and I forgot to mark which cup was hardener so there’s a chance it won’t cure correctly if it wasn’t an even solution but fingers crossed it’s okay.

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