Getting closer to finishing touches, almost.

Okay so the past few days I’ve added one more coat of resin my space sculpture and I’ve gotten the wool blending brushes and added the color and I’m liking it since it’s smoother. I’ll keep working on this as I’m struggling to get the resin to appear as smooth as I’d like because unless I had a way of rotating it, it keeps having drip marks.

My 2nd Sculpture is starting to smooth out with the joint compound mixture, tomorrow I’ll have to get some more and then I may actually add another layer of the active wrap for strength since it’s very easy to chip that stuff off. Then I’ll apply a very thin coat to smooth out the active wrap and then add gesso and rabbit glue mixture to make it durable before painting the ending color. It’s definitely going to need it since it will not have resin on it as I want a matte finish on this one.

Lastly I did another painting one which I guess kinda of expresses how I’ve felt lately, irritable lol. I’m getting to the point where I’m restless often and want to start new projects but I also need to finish several so after these pieces are finished I’m doing some simple paintings to sort of relax. After I’ll hopefully have some more funds to spend on bases and can focus on finishing stone carvings.