How does one name a sculpture

So today I sanded my most recent sculpture to about 600 grit I was going to go to 800 I purchased this great wax that was safe for alabaster and added a nice finish to the piece and got it on the base. Feels good to be done and now I need to come up with a name. I titled it Arc temporarily and coral wave elsewhere but not sure either feels right. Maybe something more like blush wave or something having to do with a storm as there’s a lot of movement in the stone that looks like lightening. Here are some pictures I took after mounting it on the river rock base. The great thing is you can move the base since it’s a pin and sleeve. Makes it a little bit adjustable. I actually like seeing both sides of the piece and it looks great in the light.

Unfortunately I tried doing testers on resin the other day and both kinda poured out but the clay did work better I’m just concerned with if the clay will leave weird lines and such in the sculpture if I use something like that for the paper mache piece. Will take a better look and try to decide I should start those pours soon since it may be a week or so of small sectional pours if so. Thinking maybe I should do a tester on the bottom and keep the pours very shallow. Was kind of bummed because I watched a video where someone recommended the tape for canvases and resin pours and it prevented spillover but maybe due to the curves? all that leaked out and I’m not sure if it was just one weak spot. But clay seems a million times better for resin.

Here is the last sculpture I need to finish sanding. I know it’s got lots of scratches on it but I’m hoping tomorrow I can get presentable at least because 600 grit and the polish seems to make alabaster look great. The base is done and I will be doing a board under the oldest stone sculpture for presentation purposes I just don’t care for it on a base.

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