Painting sculpture and new pieces

So a few days ago I finished the last layer of painting on my sculpture it’s in a nice light purple blue hue. The 1st layer was to smooth out some of the blemishes and fabric showing after sanding it. I did two layers of gesso with rabbit glue and then about 2 layers of the light modeling paint medium. Here are some images:

Luckily it seems to be balancing okay but I unfortunately cannot keep the other sculpture up as it’s shifted a little in the last week. I took a little pause on felting but finally finished the middle shape. Now I just need to add more purple bulk to it to make it less flat. I’m thinking of having the inside come in further and then attach the backside of the felt so it’s flush and tight against the inside. I need to coat the sculpture at least one more time in resin as I’ve found a few spots where it’s missing. (Disregard my pillow in the middle of the image.) I have this sitting on my armchair as it won’t stand up on it’s own. I plan on resolving this by doing a tinted resin pour over the bottom stand into a small cake pan to help balance the base better.

Here are two paintings I did last night. One is going to be a blue background with a face profile similar to how I did my self portrait with possible plot twist. The second may be a found object piece with some fun items as I ordered a few new things a few days ago that could be fun.

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