Time to get ready for the show!

Today I prepped and finished sanding of two of my sculptures. I have been using Renaissance Wax Polish which looks great and was recommended for Alabaster. I’m more excited now for the shows that these are finally ready. I kept precrastinating on the one piece. I started it probably about 4 years ago. The 2nd year I worked on it, I brought it to the 2018 California Sculptor’s Symposium. I worked on the piece the entire week but still had it nowhere ready to be done on the sanding portion but I entered in in the show anyhow titled “Work in progress.” Later that week at the awards ceremony I was competely stunned when I won 1st place in stone carving. There were so many advanced carvers and people who knew more what they were doing certainly than me. I’m proud to say it is finally done and I’ve named the piece “Duality of Life”. I’ve put it on a tree round base which I finished with a Polyurethane (4 coats) as I continue doing sculpture I’m realizing I’m not so much a square base kinda gal, I really enjoy more natural bases or unique flowing ones that compliment the pieces. I’ll hopefully post some updates next week of the show and how it’s going. I’m super excited and still having the hardest time deciding on how to price my items but I think once I’m there and can see how others are priced I can hopefully make a more accurate decision on it. I have selected my pieces and now will hope they all fit well in the space I have for the show.