Times are a changing

So I’m moving to Seattle next weekend, technically on Monday afternoon I fly out. I’ve been trying to see people often and have packed up all my stuff. This has been very physically draining but more emotionally. I’ve been in San Francisco for almost 19 years and I always thought this was where I would stay. This city will have my heart but I’m ready to leave Neverland. I had my last show and it was honestly not very fun for me. I sold two prints and made about $20 and one other person is buying a painting on Sunday. Once I’m settled in Seattle I hope to get back into some art and really make some life changes. I want to eat better and exercise so that I have the energy to create after work. It may be a bit before I write but please feel free to follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/aerinsizelove/

See you later…

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