Back painting finally

So I’ve been a little MIA and have not added any work for some time. I’ve been a little caught up in some big life changes. In November I moved from San Francisco to Seattle. It was a lot I had difficulty with movers and kept finding myself spread really thin week after week. I’ve finally caught up a bit and feel pretty settled in now. I realize that Seattle is not a public transit city but more of “you need a car” kind of a city. So I’m currently trying to look into this new shopping experience. However the first week of January I got tested positive for Covid like much of those who flew on a plane over the holidays. I decided to start painting and even though I wasn’t feeling quite in the zone I got really into two mixed media pieces. One has yet to be resined and the other I’ve decided to leave as is. Here they are here. They took an entire day of a holiday weekend and it really was a fun project though extremely messy. I used a painting from quite awhile ago that never felt “done” I was initially going to resin it but never ended up doing it. The best part was the canvas was a wooden base so it was super durable and a lot of weight could go on it without any warping. Here it is almost completed:

Also I’m sad to report my moving company lost 3 of my favorite large paintings. I’ve been super bummed about this tbh and it seems odd how they could lose a box like that? The 3 were Big Island Adventures, Wormhole and my absolute favorite (one of my 1st abstract paintings) Secret Forest. I’m hoping they either find them or I get over it but art is near impossible to reproduce as for me I paint more intuitionally and when I paint something it really has to do with my current surroundings and moods and experiences I’m going through. Also the painting above for instance I was stuck indoors sick and had been watching a lot of Netflix documentaries so ideally it’s about how us people basically destroy everything beautiful in the world because we think everything is a possession we need to fight over (Greed) so I’m calling it “Greed vs Nature”. I have been waiting for my foam sculpting supplies which just arrived the other day so I’ll start testing that out for my next sculpture which is going to be cool but weird. I want to do a couple installation pieces but I may do some mini’s first since it would be nice to travel with those vs bringing a big version to the CA symposium with me when I go. Here are some more images of the finished piece:

Here is the second project I did that weekend. It was fun and I based it off colors I was liking at the time as well:

Here is another painting which I did last weekend. The painting underneath was one I did during one of the worst times when I was in a really toxic relationship and it needed to be gone so I painted over it, it was definitely one of my more intuitional paintings where I purposely had no plan of what I was going to paint. I’m happy with the outcome and the texture from the previous painting actually went well with the movement of the canvas.