Sticking with Etsy

So I’ve decided Etsy is probably the cheapest way to go since I can post items and pay small amounts. I do need to add the rest of my art and maybe just offer drop downs for pieces paired similarly. I’ve purchased a bunch more foam materials and some necklace pendants to create something cool with. I think this weekend I’ll go through some of my stuff and try out some cool options for the jewelry. I think I may get some black or generic string for them for now as it would go well with the sort of bronze like colors. I am going to try our cutting wood, adding pressed flowers and painting and most likely finishing with resin since I like the look and finish. If I can create some this weekend I will add and update on Etsy as well. I am about to do a commission for a friend who just knows he wanted 3 panel paintings so sort of brainstorming what to create for him. I may just freely paint something and go with it and if he’s not a fan I can transition the background into something more real such as a bridge or mountain type of scene.