California Sculptor’s Symposium

So last Tuesday afternoon I flew out with horrific anxiety. Work had been so much I needed to get away for some art. The symposium was a little less dramatic and hyped up but there were some of the amazing people from both here and all over California. I had someone claim a beautiful piece of alabaster which I am loving working on. Typically I’m more stressed but I’m taking an easy approach.

Here is the piece at the very early carving stage. I wish I had an earlier photo but I just got into it for a good 30 minutes.

Here is the other side which was a little tricky as I tend to have trouble with straight lines and flat sides. But as I worked I watched the crack in it that looked as if it went straight through a large piece. You can see it well in the last image. I sealed the crack with super glue and switched to rasps and scrapers before I typically do. I really want to see how the crack plays into the piece at the end.

As I worked I decided to slow down and work on my other piece. I did a small cement casting in a bucket to create a base for my rolling pin challenge sculpture. Basically there are people carving them into all sorts of things. Mine kept splitting and I realized they now looked like fingers. So I create a defined line for a nail and will attach them to the base I made.

I took some other photos of the event as well and the best part is always the people.

I’ll update once I finish the rolling pin challenge piece and I’m excited for June as I’m hoping to finish the larger sculpture there.