Excited for Women’s Weekend coming up…

So I’ve been working on finishing up a rolling pin challenge sculpture. Here are some images of the piece I’m working on. It started as two fingers and I’ve decided it looks much better as 3 fingers. I made a base of cement for the piece as well which I like as a contrast to the marble which I’ve just polished up a bit. I’m trying to get the fingernails to a really high polish so they have a nice sheen and pop a bit from the fingers.

The other project I’m working on I’ve decided I need to use color shift paint because the goat leather I’m going to use may have tint seams showing when I cover the foam piece so I’m painting the surface to be the exact color and shine so that the piece appears like a warped sea creature. I’m painting the netting parts a creamy white and just brushing a light surface of the purple to make it have a sort of sickly bleached coral reef feel. May take a few tries to get all the colors correct. The tricky part will be adding porcupine quills because the ones I got are pretty soft I may need to create holes in the leather once attached so I can glue in the quills on the surface. I want it to look natural like a slightly balding animal.

So the next event I’m doing is part of the NWSSA women’s weekend. It’s my first time going but I’m hoping to finish this piece which I’m loving. It’s got some beautiful colors and I’m trying to make one perspective be a little more figurative than I usually do. Kind of fun to mix it up a little bit. This image is not the side I’m referring to but here is a view of it in my window. I already purchased a beautiful stand metal base my friend made. I’m going to bring some of my pieces, even works in progress are okay or so I’ve been told. The show will be held at the Old Alcohol Plant Hotel in Port Hadlock, WA on June 3rd – 5th.