Just returned last weekend from the 34th Annual NWSSA Sculpting Symposium. It was really great lots of hard work and I am completely exhausted but worked on a few pieces, made some earrings from Jade and learned about Shou Sugi Ban (basically got to play with fire to darken a wood base). Now that I’m back I feel like I’m missing it. Fortunately I’ve just signed on to join some amazing artists and friends in a studio adventure in Georgetown at Equinox Studios. It’s a bit of extra money but I think it’ll be a really great way to put more focus on sculpting and allow me the space to make a mess, which is the best part of course. I thought I’d share some pictures from the event. I did a little bit of swimming when the weather was warm and relaxed by the lake but for the most part played with some stones. I had a calcite butterfly I started a few years ago. Got some help from Jeremy and we sawed some good amount from the middle so I can now use a die grinder and angle grinder to thin it out and mount it on a nice black base I purchased.

Nest I worked on a piece of marble that I was told was alabaster. Once I start trying to work it with an air hammer I quickly realized it wasn’t alabaster and my guess that it was marble was confirmed. It’s sort of an odd shape and I am still figuring out some details but here is an image of the before and where it is currently.

The week was full of carving, helping out, heavy lifting and lots of dust. It was really great. I got some great images of our favorite local squirrel and some shenanigans, bonfires and some of our events. I’m so glad I’m up here in the community now. Work is really burning me out emotionally so I cannot wait to have another focus for creativity again soon.

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