Good news

Excited because I submitted two entries for the Light & Space Primary Colors exhibition online. Only one of the pieces made it but I’ve entered before for some of their other categories and this is the 1st time I received a positive response, my piece “Red” got a special recognition mention. I’ve really loved this piece and almost donated it to a school. Sadly the piece I did donate I had for sale on Saatchi and had forgotten to change it to sold and that sale fell through but definitely a boost to my self esteem.

I’ve decided to continue working on my pieces and go to Stoneyard Studio on Saturdays hopefully if I can keep doing some pieces after work I can complete a few I have sketched out. I really want to complete the series with a “Blue” and Yellow” possibly after the primary colors I will do complementary. I typically am not a huge fan of orange but I think doing all of them will be a really nice series. My only problem is selling some pieces so I have some wall space back, I could use more space for sure. I actually think one of the reasons I’m not painting as often is because I have no room at this point. We have our open studio coming up next Saturday so I hope maybe I can sell a. little bit of work between there and maybe the work event we have next week as well.