Back painting finally

So I’ve been a little MIA and have not added any work for some time. I’ve been a little caught up in some big life changes. In November I moved from San Francisco to Seattle. It was a lot I had difficulty with movers and kept finding myself spread really thin week after week. I’ve finally caught up a bit and feel pretty settled in now. I realize that Seattle is not a public transit city but more of “you need a car” kind of a city. So I’m currently trying to look into this new shopping experience. However the first week of January I got tested positive for Covid like much of those who flew on a plane over the holidays. I decided to start painting and even though I wasn’t feeling quite in the zone I got really into two mixed media pieces. One has yet to be resined and the other I’ve decided to leave as is. Here they are here. They took an entire day of a holiday weekend and it really was a fun project though extremely messy. I used a painting from quite awhile ago that never felt “done” I was initially going to resin it but never ended up doing it. The best part was the canvas was a wooden base so it was super durable and a lot of weight could go on it without any warping. Here it is almost completed:

Also I’m sad to report my moving company lost 3 of my favorite large paintings. I’ve been super bummed about this tbh and it seems odd how they could lose a box like that? The 3 were Big Island Adventures, Wormhole and my absolute favorite (one of my 1st abstract paintings) Secret Forest. I’m hoping they either find them or I get over it but art is near impossible to reproduce as for me I paint more intuitionally and when I paint something it really has to do with my current surroundings and moods and experiences I’m going through. Also the painting above for instance I was stuck indoors sick and had been watching a lot of Netflix documentaries so ideally it’s about how us people basically destroy everything beautiful in the world because we think everything is a possession we need to fight over (Greed) so I’m calling it “Greed vs Nature”. I have been waiting for my foam sculpting supplies which just arrived the other day so I’ll start testing that out for my next sculpture which is going to be cool but weird. I want to do a couple installation pieces but I may do some mini’s first since it would be nice to travel with those vs bringing a big version to the CA symposium with me when I go. Here are some more images of the finished piece:

Here is the second project I did that weekend. It was fun and I based it off colors I was liking at the time as well:

Here is another painting which I did last weekend. The painting underneath was one I did during one of the worst times when I was in a really toxic relationship and it needed to be gone so I painted over it, it was definitely one of my more intuitional paintings where I purposely had no plan of what I was going to paint. I’m happy with the outcome and the texture from the previous painting actually went well with the movement of the canvas.

Times are a changing

So I’m moving to Seattle next weekend, technically on Monday afternoon I fly out. I’ve been trying to see people often and have packed up all my stuff. This has been very physically draining but more emotionally. I’ve been in San Francisco for almost 19 years and I always thought this was where I would stay. This city will have my heart but I’m ready to leave Neverland. I had my last show and it was honestly not very fun for me. I sold two prints and made about $20 and one other person is buying a painting on Sunday. Once I’m settled in Seattle I hope to get back into some art and really make some life changes. I want to eat better and exercise so that I have the energy to create after work. It may be a bit before I write but please feel free to follow me on Instagram

See you later…

Last show is next weekend

Next week I have two shows one at a flower shop in my local neighborhood called Dasluz flower studio it’s going to be Friday October 15th. The following day I have a show at Public Glass and have ordered 4 different prints of my 12 x 12 and 9 x 12 so I’m excited to be able to sell those at a lower cost. Since today was my day for packing as my next few weekends are super busy up to the move. That and apartment searching I’m kinda starting to be like “Wow I’m moving to Seattle in less than a month”. During the day I was packing up and I found all my other prints, I had been looking for them but they were really buried. Super happy to have a bunch of these packaged up. Going to sell them for $10-$15 so will be nice to have some less costly items that hopefully a few people will buy. Fingers are extremely crossed that I sell at least one paper mache sculpture. I’m really stressed about the movers moving those. I guess if I believe they will sell they will I just can’t see someone buying something so large lol. I know they eat up my studio space but maybe one day I’ll have a bigger place to present them in or can get them into a show of some sort.

My First Show Ever!

Thanks to everyone who came out. It was fun to meet a bunch of other artists. I unfortunately didn’t sell any art but I had a lot of interest and am hoping that I hear from some of those who took a card. I may reduce pricing for my show in October mostly because I’d like to sell art before my big move up to Seattle November 5th.

Time to get ready for the show!

Today I prepped and finished sanding of two of my sculptures. I have been using Renaissance Wax Polish which looks great and was recommended for Alabaster. I’m more excited now for the shows that these are finally ready. I kept precrastinating on the one piece. I started it probably about 4 years ago. The 2nd year I worked on it, I brought it to the 2018 California Sculptor’s Symposium. I worked on the piece the entire week but still had it nowhere ready to be done on the sanding portion but I entered in in the show anyhow titled “Work in progress.” Later that week at the awards ceremony I was competely stunned when I won 1st place in stone carving. There were so many advanced carvers and people who knew more what they were doing certainly than me. I’m proud to say it is finally done and I’ve named the piece “Duality of Life”. I’ve put it on a tree round base which I finished with a Polyurethane (4 coats) as I continue doing sculpture I’m realizing I’m not so much a square base kinda gal, I really enjoy more natural bases or unique flowing ones that compliment the pieces. I’ll hopefully post some updates next week of the show and how it’s going. I’m super excited and still having the hardest time deciding on how to price my items but I think once I’m there and can see how others are priced I can hopefully make a more accurate decision on it. I have selected my pieces and now will hope they all fit well in the space I have for the show.

Sometimes things are never done

Okay so I worked on sanding my other stone sculpture all day Sunday and hit a point of exhaustion followed with the dumb idea to go on a hike then put together some furniture. I was in bed by 7pm that night. I’ve recovered but as you can see in the one image there are a few tight spots I was having a lot of trouble sanding so I will need to spend a little more time on it. I ended up putting the finishing wax on it so I can at least see where I need to focus next time. Once that’s done I will re-oil and then buff it with the little wool felt pads I have on my rotary tool. Not really sure if buffing will do much but will see. Here they are:

How does one name a sculpture

So today I sanded my most recent sculpture to about 600 grit I was going to go to 800 I purchased this great wax that was safe for alabaster and added a nice finish to the piece and got it on the base. Feels good to be done and now I need to come up with a name. I titled it Arc temporarily and coral wave elsewhere but not sure either feels right. Maybe something more like blush wave or something having to do with a storm as there’s a lot of movement in the stone that looks like lightening. Here are some pictures I took after mounting it on the river rock base. The great thing is you can move the base since it’s a pin and sleeve. Makes it a little bit adjustable. I actually like seeing both sides of the piece and it looks great in the light.

Unfortunately I tried doing testers on resin the other day and both kinda poured out but the clay did work better I’m just concerned with if the clay will leave weird lines and such in the sculpture if I use something like that for the paper mache piece. Will take a better look and try to decide I should start those pours soon since it may be a week or so of small sectional pours if so. Thinking maybe I should do a tester on the bottom and keep the pours very shallow. Was kind of bummed because I watched a video where someone recommended the tape for canvases and resin pours and it prevented spillover but maybe due to the curves? all that leaked out and I’m not sure if it was just one weak spot. But clay seems a million times better for resin.

Here is the last sculpture I need to finish sanding. I know it’s got lots of scratches on it but I’m hoping tomorrow I can get presentable at least because 600 grit and the polish seems to make alabaster look great. The base is done and I will be doing a board under the oldest stone sculpture for presentation purposes I just don’t care for it on a base.

Finally starting to feel at ease

Okay so over the last weekend I did some more silhouette mixed media pieces so I have samples for the shows. I also was able to finally find a drill bit that was diamond tips that made the hole in my river rock deeper and almost there. My drill keeps dying (shitty Ikea one) But I can resin that piece in once it’s deep enough which should be today. I also realized that pieces is very close to being finishes. Once I sand it to the right grit I’ll test out the polishing wax I got for my sculptures as they should seal and protect it a little (hopefully).

The other sculpture which I created a new base over the old one with resin I have also tapes with the stand out as high as it would go and I need to spray paint that tiny section and resin a few spots on the piece. I was going to do another pour but I’m starting to realize I need to maybe just touch up spots that have drippage etc. I’m really debating about making little sections with slay or HVAC tape to have each area really smooth but I worry that certain sections may accidentally turn out with lines or clay trapped etc, so really hesitant but I don’t like the way it looks I prefer a flat resin surface. I may have to test my idea on another curvy object and see what actually works. Otherwise I’m going to not be happy with the surface.

Here I’ve gone ahead any poured some resin into curvy surfaces one with clay and one with tape will see how they look once they dry. I actually spilled some of the resin on my surface while mixing the two and I forgot to mark which cup was hardener so there’s a chance it won’t cure correctly if it wasn’t an even solution but fingers crossed it’s okay.

Day of Resin-ing

So I’m working on my larger sculpture as it’s been a little prone to tipping over as one side is a little off balanced with weight. So I testing pouring resin in a small pan I that was slightly larger than the current base with mold release. It very easily released from the pan so today so now for the real thing. I taped ceramic tile for weight to the bottom of the stand and did a black resin pour (adding a bit of black acrylic paint) Here are some images of that piece right after I did the pour. Tomorrow it should be a little better balanced with the extra weight (fingers crossed) and I even touched up the legs with a little spray paint. The only thing the sculpture needs is a little bit of touch up on the resin as it’s little uneven in some places. Also I am almost done with the felted insert just bulking it up a little now.

Another project I started this weekend, thanks to my lovely friends Melissa and Chriselle. I did profile outline of their face shadow from the side view so I could work on some paintings similar to my self portrait. Here they are below. I’m still working on the purple one as I need to dig a little deeper for more black beads so that the density of the color looks more vivid for the hair. The one I did of Melissa I had her keep her glasses on just to make it a little different.

I also finished a mixed media piece that I had this cute little monkey on that I wanted to add some sort of vocal image to show the money was projecting onto the rest of the painting energy I had been thinking on this for some time and decided the best route was to curl wire kind of like how comics draw sound waves. Here is the updated piece it finally feels complete.

I just finished pouring a resin coat over 3 of the mixed media paintings I completed but am holding off on the purple portrait as I need to finish it and was low on space.

Lastly I finally mounted my Alabaster sculpture on the wood round. Next weekend my goal is to take the sculpture at minimum of 600 grit sandpaper so it’s presentable if not finished by the Fort Mason show. I still need to drill into the river rock but was getting burnt out on it not working so I need to buy a quality diamond drill bit and see if that works a little better. I purchased some polish as well but I need to test it on the underside to see if it does any color change to the stone.

New Painting

Last night I was feeling a little discouraged as I have so many projects that need completed but I really wanted to paint something. So I decided to do some sort of landscape which quickly transitioned to a tree canopy. It was a fun little 16″ x 16″ piece and I’m loving how peaceful it feels.

I’m also running into that dilemma of which paintings will I take to what shows? I think I will have more than enough but I’d like to keep going because ones the Art Span open studios events start who knows if things will sell and if so I don’t want to be rushing trying to get last minute paintings in for the next show. I think it’s best to have a good variety of work ready to go.