Two days ago I start working on the inside shape for the sculpture by felting first with just plain wool. As the shape grew I added some color but realized I didn’t like the way the blended wool looked texture wise. Here I’ve removed most of that added color and I will increase the height of the felt to have more of a rolling hill shape and then will use blending brushes (just ordered today) and get a large amount to blended wool for felting before starting this again. Hand blending the wool was giving it too much of a bulky look (see purple felt) so I’l hoping to get a well blended texture once the supplies come next week.

I also began applying drywall joint compound to my 2nd paper m√Ęche piece to start getting the piece more filled out in certain places. I”m debating if I should do another layer of Activa wrap after I get the piece filled in, in certain spots then coat with a final layer of drywall joint compound. I may look and see if there’s a more durable option for top coat like a spackle mix instead, still deciding. But here is how that piece is looking so far. It will be I think in a more subtle matte finish but possibly I will create the piece to be of a soft purple as I’m feeling it would be a nice color for the shape.

Paintings Today

I had a bad day today and decided to work on some paintings.

I still wanted to keep going so I pulled out my large painting from a few weeks or so ago. You can see the before and after.

Still have some work but starting to look a little better. Right side needs something just not sure what yet.

Sculpture + Found Objects + Resin = Neat

Okay so this past week I returned from the #NWSSA Symposium and got back to it. I started by picking out my found items for the piece and attaching them. After I did my 1st coat of resin. I have never done a 3D piece in Resin and it is a bit tricky as you need to constantly check the dripping and remove until it begins to set so I checked about every 30 minutes and wiped any residual dripping resin from the sculpture. Hoping the 2nd coat can be done during the day time as the ability to keep the top coat smooth can be tricky due to gravity. Here are some images of the piece from this week.

Current Mixed Media Sculpture

A few years back I created my first mixed media art on canvas. It has a very eclectic space feel and always felt like a lot of fun. I’ve been wanting for quite a long time to take those principles and make a larger sculptural piece. Seeing as we’ve been dealing with this Covid quarantine for so long the minute it began to let up a little I felt a little weird come off my shoulders and this sort of just started coming together. I bought some chicken wire from a local hardware store and within weeks I couldn’t put this project down. Here’s a little sneak peak of how it’s been going.