Last show is next weekend

Next week I have two shows one at a flower shop in my local neighborhood called Dasluz flower studio it’s going to be Friday October 15th. The following day I have a show at Public Glass and have ordered 4 different prints of my 12 x 12 and 9 x 12 so I’m excited to be able to sell those at a lower cost. Since today was my day for packing as my next few weekends are super busy up to the move. That and apartment searching I’m kinda starting to be like “Wow I’m moving to Seattle in less than a month”. During the day I was packing up and I found all my other prints, I had been looking for them but they were really buried. Super happy to have a bunch of these packaged up. Going to sell them for $10-$15 so will be nice to have some less costly items that hopefully a few people will buy. Fingers are extremely crossed that I sell at least one paper mache sculpture. I’m really stressed about the movers moving those. I guess if I believe they will sell they will I just can’t see someone buying something so large lol. I know they eat up my studio space but maybe one day I’ll have a bigger place to present them in or can get them into a show of some sort.

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