Good news

Excited because I submitted two entries for the Light & Space Primary Colors exhibition online. Only one of the pieces made it but I’ve entered before for some of their other categories and this is the 1st time I received a positive response, my piece “Red” got a special recognition mention. I’ve really loved this piece and almost donated it to a school. Sadly the piece I did donate I had for sale on Saatchi and had forgotten to change it to sold and that sale fell through but definitely a boost to my self esteem.

I’ve decided to continue working on my pieces and go to Stoneyard Studio on Saturdays hopefully if I can keep doing some pieces after work I can complete a few I have sketched out. I really want to complete the series with a “Blue” and Yellow” possibly after the primary colors I will do complementary. I typically am not a huge fan of orange but I think doing all of them will be a really nice series. My only problem is selling some pieces so I have some wall space back, I could use more space for sure. I actually think one of the reasons I’m not painting as often is because I have no room at this point. We have our open studio coming up next Saturday so I hope maybe I can sell a. little bit of work between there and maybe the work event we have next week as well.

Lots of projects these days

So I realize I have not written in some time. I got myself all setup in the studio and we are opening on November 12th. Excited and made a cool little poster for it here.

Although I have only done some work recently trying to thin out my honeycomb calcite butterfly and I started working on my clear alabaster piece as well. Here are some progress photos of them here.

Then the weekend before last I took a long drive up North to the Dunite Quarry got a lot of really great rocks loaded into my car and one which Carl is holding on to me with the use of his handy crane truck. Hoping one day to carve a nice big stone that’s hard enough to remain outdoors.

Lastly I’ve been working on tons of fun projects from stacking trays to large paintings. Even trying to make some jewelry. Lastly I’ve decided to start adding my items directly to my site better than forking over a rather large commission to a 3rd party seller. Super excited to share my items before the holidays. The trays are done with either painting or paper then resin pour and I’ve stained and painted the trays.

Here are the two large scale paintings I was able to by building a cardboard wall and with the purchase of a lovely keyboard duster that has usb charging. The one with the large black background came out best by far I had actually woken up at 4:30 am on a weekday and couldn’t go back to sleep so I ended up starting this painting and finishing the mirror with preserved moss below.

Lastly here are some resin earrings I created. I put them up on Etsy as well.


Just returned last weekend from the 34th Annual NWSSA Sculpting Symposium. It was really great lots of hard work and I am completely exhausted but worked on a few pieces, made some earrings from Jade and learned about Shou Sugi Ban (basically got to play with fire to darken a wood base). Now that I’m back I feel like I’m missing it. Fortunately I’ve just signed on to join some amazing artists and friends in a studio adventure in Georgetown at Equinox Studios. It’s a bit of extra money but I think it’ll be a really great way to put more focus on sculpting and allow me the space to make a mess, which is the best part of course. I thought I’d share some pictures from the event. I did a little bit of swimming when the weather was warm and relaxed by the lake but for the most part played with some stones. I had a calcite butterfly I started a few years ago. Got some help from Jeremy and we sawed some good amount from the middle so I can now use a die grinder and angle grinder to thin it out and mount it on a nice black base I purchased.

Nest I worked on a piece of marble that I was told was alabaster. Once I start trying to work it with an air hammer I quickly realized it wasn’t alabaster and my guess that it was marble was confirmed. It’s sort of an odd shape and I am still figuring out some details but here is an image of the before and where it is currently.

The week was full of carving, helping out, heavy lifting and lots of dust. It was really great. I got some great images of our favorite local squirrel and some shenanigans, bonfires and some of our events. I’m so glad I’m up here in the community now. Work is really burning me out emotionally so I cannot wait to have another focus for creativity again soon.

Women’s weekend

I’ve been a bit slammed at work but wanted to share info from last weekend. I drove out and took the Kingston Ferry from Seattle to Port Ludlow. The hotel for the event was very cool and we had a really good turn out for submissions for the rolling pin challenge. Here are some photos of those pieces. I think by far one of my favorites was the dough boy piece.

Here is a bit of my progress on my piece which I started down in Cambria, CA at CSS in April. I finished the shaping of the piece and got it up to about 400 grit on wet sanding (thanks rain) The images below are after I rinsed the piece off as I wanted to preview how the lines would show once I get it up to a higher grit. Now hopefully today I can work on scraping any imperfections out and plan how to attach the base I bought for it. I’m hoping it will fit the base well but need to test it out before attaching it to be sure. I need to go pickup a new drill as well so that I can mount it as the drill I have is quite useless lol. I unfortunately did chip a tiny piece off of my other sculpture driving back. So at some point I’ve got to go back and sand that back to remove that imperfection. I may need to get some better storage containers in the future and some kind of krinkle paper filling when traveling with them. Here are pictures below of the transitions of the piece.

Excited for Women’s Weekend coming up…

So I’ve been working on finishing up a rolling pin challenge sculpture. Here are some images of the piece I’m working on. It started as two fingers and I’ve decided it looks much better as 3 fingers. I made a base of cement for the piece as well which I like as a contrast to the marble which I’ve just polished up a bit. I’m trying to get the fingernails to a really high polish so they have a nice sheen and pop a bit from the fingers.

The other project I’m working on I’ve decided I need to use color shift paint because the goat leather I’m going to use may have tint seams showing when I cover the foam piece so I’m painting the surface to be the exact color and shine so that the piece appears like a warped sea creature. I’m painting the netting parts a creamy white and just brushing a light surface of the purple to make it have a sort of sickly bleached coral reef feel. May take a few tries to get all the colors correct. The tricky part will be adding porcupine quills because the ones I got are pretty soft I may need to create holes in the leather once attached so I can glue in the quills on the surface. I want it to look natural like a slightly balding animal.

So the next event I’m doing is part of the NWSSA women’s weekend. It’s my first time going but I’m hoping to finish this piece which I’m loving. It’s got some beautiful colors and I’m trying to make one perspective be a little more figurative than I usually do. Kind of fun to mix it up a little bit. This image is not the side I’m referring to but here is a view of it in my window. I already purchased a beautiful stand metal base my friend made. I’m going to bring some of my pieces, even works in progress are okay or so I’ve been told. The show will be held at the Old Alcohol Plant Hotel in Port Hadlock, WA on June 3rd – 5th.

California Sculptor’s Symposium

So last Tuesday afternoon I flew out with horrific anxiety. Work had been so much I needed to get away for some art. The symposium was a little less dramatic and hyped up but there were some of the amazing people from both here and all over California. I had someone claim a beautiful piece of alabaster which I am loving working on. Typically I’m more stressed but I’m taking an easy approach.

Here is the piece at the very early carving stage. I wish I had an earlier photo but I just got into it for a good 30 minutes.

Here is the other side which was a little tricky as I tend to have trouble with straight lines and flat sides. But as I worked I watched the crack in it that looked as if it went straight through a large piece. You can see it well in the last image. I sealed the crack with super glue and switched to rasps and scrapers before I typically do. I really want to see how the crack plays into the piece at the end.

As I worked I decided to slow down and work on my other piece. I did a small cement casting in a bucket to create a base for my rolling pin challenge sculpture. Basically there are people carving them into all sorts of things. Mine kept splitting and I realized they now looked like fingers. So I create a defined line for a nail and will attach them to the base I made.

I took some other photos of the event as well and the best part is always the people.

I’ll update once I finish the rolling pin challenge piece and I’m excited for June as I’m hoping to finish the larger sculpture there.

Abstract piece

So I started working on a piece for a friend who wanted 3 tier staggered piece. The idea was to start with a gradient background in a few colors while I worked out my plan. The piece kept taking on it’s own space landscape vibe, so instead of fighting it I’m just going to go with it and see where I end up. I’ve already put in a lot of time which normally I would have finished in one weekend. I had to take a bit of a break too and so now It’s progressed and I keep getting slightly stuck mostly because it’s got a lot of darkness already so I feel like some highlighting would be helpful. But of course I have the urge to blend the left side almost blackish with red and some highlights almost like that’s where the sun is going down behind this strange place.I tried one new technique towards the bottom where I do circles or cots to connect the surface I’m not sure if it will stay I kind of like it but it also makes the piece seem more landscape sometimes it stops the eye and I’d rather have a piece that pulls you around the canvas.

Sticking with Etsy

So I’ve decided Etsy is probably the cheapest way to go since I can post items and pay small amounts. I do need to add the rest of my art and maybe just offer drop downs for pieces paired similarly. I’ve purchased a bunch more foam materials and some necklace pendants to create something cool with. I think this weekend I’ll go through some of my stuff and try out some cool options for the jewelry. I think I may get some black or generic string for them for now as it would go well with the sort of bronze like colors. I am going to try our cutting wood, adding pressed flowers and painting and most likely finishing with resin since I like the look and finish. If I can create some this weekend I will add and update on Etsy as well. I am about to do a commission for a friend who just knows he wanted 3 panel paintings so sort of brainstorming what to create for him. I may just freely paint something and go with it and if he’s not a fan I can transition the background into something more real such as a bridge or mountain type of scene.

New Painting & Shopify Account

So I’ve decided since I get quite small traction with Etsy I’ll try Shopify and link over to it

I was trying to carve a rolling pin this week and it split while using my 1 point to add some definition so I’ll put a hold on that until I get a 4 point as if it splits again, which it’s trying to. I’ll just be making some gravel. So I decided to do a painting to relax. Once I was done with it I remembered some time ago I had wanted to use one of my backgrounds for a silhouette. Instead of doing the style used previously for the portraits I decided to go solid black so I searched for some silhouette outlines online and found two that reminded me of my niece and nephew and figured that’s a good route. Here it is before and after the silhouette’s – It may need a little touching up on the back ground but I’m happy with the overall piece.

New Medium

So I’ve been working playing with carving Styrafoam but wanted to practice before getting into a large project that’s I’ve been working on. Since it’s a material that we find free everywhere I’ve been collecting a bunch. I’ve noticed much of the materials you get free however seem to be in odd shapes. I could take advantage of that or use some thinner boards I purchased cheap at Home Depot. I have realized carving through a thick layer is someone harder than using the heat cutter through thin sheets and connecting after. I discovered a site called which sells lots of great products for foam sculpting. I started the smaller pieces with All Purpose foam coat but have decided to get bounce as it seems to make a sculpture more flexible and waterproof which I like since the all purpose seems to be a little chalkier I will finish up the curved piece below once I get that and try a 30/70 ratio of bounce to APFC. I also found a glue that works well but doesn’t prevent the hot wire from cutting the foam. Here are my very first few beginnings at some little pieces. I feel the wire cutting tool works well for shaping overall and sharper lines but the use of small rasp tools works best especially for curves.