So this past week the NWSSA hosted a booth at the Flower & Garden center. I helped run the event and came to the show a few days. I put in 5 pieces. I am almost completely done with the Butterfly I’ve made out of Honeycomb Calcite and I just need to go through once more with 80 to 800 grit paper again to get any scratches out. I got it mounted on a spinning base which I really like and am hoping to use these more in the future, there has been a shortage so hoping they start to be found easier soon. Here are some pictures of my process.

I got really sick end of January and early February it wasn’t Covid but it lasted over 14 days which was insane. I went into the studio and finished up something on it and brought it home to try to get it mounted for the F & G show but spend about 2 days straight working on sanding and the pinning.

Here is is ready for the show I used a boat fast dry epoxy to mount it on the spinner and it turned out level I left a little space just in case as this was my first time mounting with one of these pins. Really loving how well it rotates and I hope to finish it up soon.

Last week I also had some good news. Back in November I was laid off from a company that I honestly loathed working for as there was a lot of workplace toxicity there sadly. Last week I accepted a new Office Manager role and although I have been able to spend a huge deal of time working on art which I’ve enjoyed I needed to get back because I was getting even a little bored feeling pressure that if I’m not working I need to create something daily. I started making a lot of jewelry and moss mirrors and boxes. I’ll post a few of my favorite projects but hoping now to focus back on sculpture at the studio as it warms up and some at home paintings.

I also recently joined a group called LoCA which helps connect artists to businesses to publicly display art. Some of my pieces will be on display at Truewood by Merrill which is an assisted living facility in downtown Seattle. Here are the images of that. These will be on display until May and it feels really good that someone can enjoy my art for the next few months.

Lastly here are some images from the F & G show at the convention center in Seattle this past week. I didn’t sell any pieces but it is nice to see people enjoying them and to find new potential carvers to join our amazing community.