New Paintings – in Process!

A few days ago I got on a role doing some new silhouette paintings. I did the backgrounds and then made a fusion of 2-3 silhouettes together to create one that is what I was envisioning. Here are some images of the process.

Here is how it turned out above. I used a stencil I liked but changed the hair to be a little longer etc. I was planning in this piece to add mixed media pieces and then I decided the background is already pretty busy so this one I will finish with Resin only.

This piece below I took 3 stencils to create one I loved and then did a moon shape as well. This piece will be a mixed media piece but I’ve decided to restock what I have so that the quality isn’t just tiles and other scraps since my stock of colors are low. I have the girl looking at the moon so I will have a pegasus on the white silhouette shape of the moon. I will most likely use red, yellow and purple items and possibly some bedazzle beads.

This next one I did a video but to show how the background process of the silhouette is done as well.

This piece above I am also planning to add mixed media I need to test out the colors to add most likely purple, blue and green will be the colors I choose unless I use yellow instead of green. If you follow me on Instagram I often post videos after recording and images of new work when completed. These should be completed soon but all 3 need some work such as a Resin layer and due to the larger sizes I will need to do one at a time. This way I can control that the resin is setting well.

Here is another painting I did the same day as the blue one (I am on a roll) so it turned out pretty fun. I start a new job tomorrow (Monday) so my work may slow down but I’m hoping to work on one a night as I would like to do another silhouette with a man eating things falling from the sky. Should be cool as I found a great outline silhouette for it.