New Medium

So I’ve been working playing with carving Styrafoam but wanted to practice before getting into a large project that’s I’ve been working on. Since it’s a material that we find free everywhere I’ve been collecting a bunch. I’ve noticed much of the materials you get free however seem to be in odd shapes. I could take advantage of that or use some thinner boards I purchased cheap at Home Depot. I have realized carving through a thick layer is someone harder than using the heat cutter through thin sheets and connecting after. I discovered a site called which sells lots of great products for foam sculpting. I started the smaller pieces with All Purpose foam coat but have decided to get bounce as it seems to make a sculpture more flexible and waterproof which I like since the all purpose seems to be a little chalkier I will finish up the curved piece below once I get that and try a 30/70 ratio of bounce to APFC. I also found a glue that works well but doesn’t prevent the hot wire from cutting the foam. Here are my very first few beginnings at some little pieces. I feel the wire cutting tool works well for shaping overall and sharper lines but the use of small rasp tools works best especially for curves.