Women’s weekend

I’ve been a bit slammed at work but wanted to share info from last weekend. I drove out and took the Kingston Ferry from Seattle to Port Ludlow. The hotel for the event was very cool and we had a really good turn out for submissions for the rolling pin challenge. Here are some photos of those pieces. I think by far one of my favorites was the dough boy piece.

Here is a bit of my progress on my piece which I started down in Cambria, CA at CSS in April. I finished the shaping of the piece and got it up to about 400 grit on wet sanding (thanks rain) The images below are after I rinsed the piece off as I wanted to preview how the lines would show once I get it up to a higher grit. Now hopefully today I can work on scraping any imperfections out and plan how to attach the base I bought for it. I’m hoping it will fit the base well but need to test it out before attaching it to be sure. I need to go pickup a new drill as well so that I can mount it as the drill I have is quite useless lol. I unfortunately did chip a tiny piece off of my other sculpture driving back. So at some point I’ve got to go back and sand that back to remove that imperfection. I may need to get some better storage containers in the future and some kind of krinkle paper filling when traveling with them. Here are pictures below of the transitions of the piece.